Bupati Visit Post and Fire Victims On The Sungai Saren

-Bram Itam-38 dilihat

LINTASTUNGKAL.COM, BRAM ITAM – The concern and empathy of the Regent of West Tanjab against the people affected by the disaster is quite very responsive.

One of the hills, Regent H. Safrial accompanied by wife Hj. Cici Halimah visited post and fire victims in Parit 7 RT 05 Sungai Saren, Bram Itam Kiri Sub-district, Bram Itam District, Sunday (18/03/18).

H. Safrial had a chance to talk with the people whose house is flattened with the ground due to this fire accident.

He was very hopeful, residents to be patient and pray for granted fortitude and strength, to rise again.

Regent H. Safrial at the venue also conveyed his gratitude and appreciation to all parties who have worked and perform their duties with caution to overcome the fire incident.

“All respond quickly in the post-disaster handling, looks there are standing post and other relief needs,” he said.

Then the officers are also asked to keep on guard and provide services to the victims of the fire.

The Bupati requested the relevant substance to immediately distribute the aid as it should.

As reported by Fire occurred on Saturday night (17/03/178) at around 22:55 pm it was 7 units of residents’ houses flattened with the land.

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